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To those who were there; tell us about...

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by Chick-N-Picker, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. rand z

    rand z Friend of Leo's

    Feb 19, 2004
    trumansburg, ny
    Lot's of thing's lead up to the "fall from grace '70's."

    Many are, imo, acurately mentioned here.

    But, I didn't see this (maybe I missed it)...

    We won World War II. We were the only large industrialized nation in the world, still up and running. And, we got to cash in on it for many year's.

    The war veteran's here, got pretty good paying job's and benefit's... later, pension's. And their kid's got decent education's. Most graduated from high schools and many were able to go on to college.

    Despite all of the assasination's and turmoil, the '60's was a good time. Money flowed fairly freely and so did a lot of people... old and young.

    Culture and business thrived, and so did the art's. It opened the door for lot's of experimentation in all kind's of thing's. Including music.

    But, somewhere in the early 70's, the rest of the world started catching up with us. They now could start competing and thriving in the world market's, too.

    The 1st oil crisis happened in '73, and, imo, that was the wake up call.

    Thing's just haven't been the same, since we were no longer alone, on top.
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  2. tlsmack

    tlsmack Tele-Holic

    Jan 20, 2007
    Lonk I-lant, New York
    Many people cite Watergate as the end of the optimism of the 60's. With out getting too political, it was a wake up and smell the coffee moment for a lot of Americans. "Follow the money."
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  3. trouserpress

    trouserpress Tele-Meister

    May 4, 2015
    During the first part of the 70s the 60s Beat (via Psychedelic Rock and Jazz-Rock-Fusion) had turned into something too complex for the masses. You got to see Punk and Disco as a kind of countermovement. Very much like when rich and exuberant Rococo all of a sudden vanished into the simplicity and sameness of Biedermeier.

  4. Comments so far are right in line. Many factors in play. Music-wise, the Psychedelic genre emerged and changed things for a while and that, for me, was the ultimate end of the 60's. That erased Soul, R&B, British Invasion,- all of it. Pop and Country prevailed and the others have eventually come back, although changed. Through the good and bad, I wouldn't trade it (60s) for anything since.

  5. tlsmack

    tlsmack Tele-Holic

    Jan 20, 2007
    Lonk I-lant, New York
    There used to be music. Then came the music business. Then the music industry. ... And don't forget the swill merchants.:)

  6. Ira7

    Ira7 Poster Extraordinaire

    Jan 8, 2008
    Coral Springs, FL
    I'm always tempted to blame the dilution of musical diversity on the added media outlets in the 80s. In other words...

    It was no longer just AM and FM radio. You now had MTV, Walkmans, and later, MP3s, and subscription services both online and sat radio.

    People no longer needed or listened to AM/FM, and for more than one reason, it killed the dynamics of the business and resulted in so much Narrowcasting, we lost the audience for Broadcasting and that diversity we used to all be exposed to.

  7. Minimalist518

    Minimalist518 Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 5, 2017
    I don’t consider myself a boomer either. By some definitions, I am, but the year I was born is on the cusp. I define it more culturally.
    To way oversimplify it, if the Beatles were the voice of your generation and the culturally defining moment was a bunch of freaks standing in the mud at Woodstock, you’re a boomer. If the Clash were the voice your generation and the defining cultural moment was a bunch of TV-raised kids sitting in a dark theater watching the original three Star Wars movies, you’re not a boomer.
    The way you describe the teachers you had coming up is exactly my experience. Elementary school you were taught by your mother’s or older aunt’s contemporaries, middle and high school you were taught by all the hippies that got student deferment from the draft. And they were hip and engaged and awesome. Looking back, I think I was pretty well served by both types of teacher.
    Definitely the 70s felt stalled. Must be they ran out of gas during the oil embargo. Recession and Nixon.
    By the 80s, everyone I knew my age felt underpaid and directionless wondering what the H-E double-hockeysticks happened while the boomers all seemed to be off snorting Wall Street up their noses with billion dollar bills to spite their former sensibilities. Not a diss, just how it felt.
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  8. Middleman

    Middleman Friend of Leo's

    Aug 29, 2007
    MV, CA
    Yeah, MTV was a mile marker for sure. It came about towards the end of disco and just prior to new wave music. That changed things a lot because you had to be handsome or beautiful after that to make it in the music biz. The end of average guys making it in rock and roll were over.

  9. wabashslim

    wabashslim Tele-Meister

    Nov 26, 2005
    I lived in Indiana until late 1970. There were no '60's there, only the '30's, again and again and again.....

  10. Mike Eskimo

    Mike Eskimo Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Nov 9, 2008
    Yeah - I've used that same comparison - Beatles/Clash.

    I'm 54 and I love all the stuff that led up to punk like the Dolls, punk itself, all the post-punk like Magazine, new wave, etc

    I have 4 sisters north of 60 that are true boomers and detest anything punk and one turning 60 this year who loved the hippie crap as well as a lot of the early punk/punk-influenced bands.

    Leave out the Star Wars for me, though I was at the first showing/first night in Detroit (Americana Theater).

    The movies were fine and I've seen them all, it just wasn't a life-changer for me. I don't have that gene.
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  11. Minimalist518

    Minimalist518 Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 5, 2017
    I don’t know how true that is. I agree that the music business became more calculated and cynical—definitely, it did— but it certainly wasn’t invented *after* the 60s and everything before it was created ex nihilo in some utopian combination of a musical Wild West and Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory.
    The music industry was super-powerful with an entrenched old guard. Wall Street ad-type guys in ties taking three-martini lunches looking for what new dreck they could sell to “the kids.”
    I don’t think they saw the Beatles coming. That raucous good-time edgy energy didn’t jive with all the bland ballad-crooning Bobbys they were schilling.
    All the bands I came up loving only got signed because those baffled old men were still around and desperately looking for the next Beatles. “What’s a Ramone?” “How the hell should I know; sign ‘em!”
    Of course they were too late. It was never gonna happen again because the Fabs and their contemporaries split off in so many ADD musical directions that they invented sub-genres and rock and roll, and youth culture along with it, ceased to be a monolith waiting for a big-bang like the Beatles.
    Now we have the auto-tuned corpse of the recording industry hissing and popping its own end-groove.
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  12. Chick-N-Picker

    Chick-N-Picker Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 26, 2015
    North Carolina
    Man, we could start a whole other thread on DDT alone. It's most certainly a debatable topic. I've listened to things on it and to be honest I'm not so sure it was what it was made out to be. I'm going to try to find the clips and post them so you can listen to them. No way I can remember and post all of what it says. It's really interesting and might make you question some things.

  13. CK Dexter Haven

    CK Dexter Haven Friend of Leo's

    Jun 7, 2017
    I remember seeing a quote in a article about the last Dead shows in Chicago, where a famous somebody related that his first show was 5 guys in a rusty Bug,w/ $6 tickets. for the final show he flew in via private jet, and was driven in a 7 series w/ 1K sense of irony at all...from any one.

  14. bgmacaw

    bgmacaw Tele-Afflicted

    Feb 11, 2006
    Near Athens GA USA


  15. Minimalist518

    Minimalist518 Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 5, 2017
    Yeah, I get that. Star Wars and Sci Fi in general isn’t everyone’s cup of blue milk. I was a painfully geeky kid/teen that grew up into a cheerfully geeky adult.
    The point I was going for was communal generation-defining experience vs. semi-solitary generation-defining experience.
    But I suppose if I have to explain it, it’s not much of a metaphor!
    My wife’s older sisters range from Boomer to my age (I’m 55,) the oldest sister is definitely a Boomer. My wife was scrolling through the Sirius channels in her car one night and settled on the Punk channel. Her sister suffered through the Buzzcocks but utterly lost it when Iggy came on. “This is just NOISE!” and the radio leapt back to Janis and Jimi. I thought she was gonna be physically ill, LOL!
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  16. PastorJay

    PastorJay Tele-Holic

    Apr 12, 2014
    I grew up in central Iowa. Outside of Grinnell and Iowa City, the 60's didn't really hit until about 72.
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  17. Guitaryellow

    Guitaryellow Tele-Meister

    Dec 22, 2017
    Another over 50's thread.

  18. BigDaddyLH

    BigDaddyLH Telefied Ad Free Member

    It's only fair. We had a Tide Pod thread.
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  19. Chick-N-Picker

    Chick-N-Picker Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 26, 2015
    North Carolina
    I found the series. Could not get soundcloyd link to work so I had to download it and them reupload it to an audio site. Don't know why.

    It is a 4 part series and I don't even remember listening to the other 3 parts but here is the first part involving DDT.

    I'm not trying to convince you to believe this. I just find it intersting and it made me think about what I had heard about DDT.

    Edit: When you click the link give it just a second to come up.

  20. Chick-N-Picker

    Chick-N-Picker Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 26, 2015
    North Carolina
    Could be over 60's or 70's thread. I mean to really remember and be part of it.

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